For the seventh time since 2010, Andigo paid an Owner Participation Dividend to our member-owners. All members with active accounts in good standing qualified for the dividend, but the more active they are as a member (think mortgages, loans and deposits) the larger their share of the dividend — which was deposited January 22, 2020.

The dividend is calculated based on activity for the 2019 year (think deposit balances, auto loans, mortgages, etc). It is not based on length of membership or past relationships.

2019 Owner Participation Dividend amounts were calculated as follows:
• 0.13% of average monthly deposit balance in 2019
• 3.5% of loan interest paid in 2019 (excluding Visa, student loans, first mortgages)
• $60 for a first mortgage

Since we're a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution, returning earnings back to members (after ensuring our appropriate reserves) is just another way we do what's right for our members ... and a perk you simply won't find at banks.