Become a member – we don’t have a clubhouse, but…

Andigo actually cares about your financial goals because, as a member, your success is our success. You’re an esteemed part of our credit union crew, who will always be treated with the best we have to offer. Pop into one of our branches and you’ll see we’ve even saved the best lollipops for you. (Don’t tell the other members).

Ready to ditch your bank and switch to Andigo?


Andigo credit union benefits – a badge of honor and a whole lot more

As an Andigo member, you’ll be pleased as punch to know you get:

  • Lifetime membership
  • Membership for members of your family
  • A+, top-notch, always-smiling service
  • Low rates on loans
  • Competitive dividend rates on savings products
  • Easy 24/7 access to your accounts via online banking, mobile banking, and automated telephone banking
  • Convenient services that include direct deposit, automatic transfers, overdraft transfers, wire transfers and electronic bill payments
  • Low to no fees


Join today and get the other half of our BFF necklace

Andigo members come from all over. If you fit into any of these groups, you’re in!

  • Anyone living or working in the Greater Chicago area (east of Route 47 and North of I-88/290. Gorgeous this time of year.)
  • Anyone related to current Andigo members by blood or marriage, including foster, adopted and step family members. Same-sex and domestic partners very much included.
  • Employees, contractors, members and retirees of these organizations (including their subsidiaries, joint venture companies, successors, and other firms who have business relationships with them. Whew. That’s a lot):
    • Academy of General Dentistry
    • Andigo
    • ARRIS
    • Brook Electrical Supply
    • Cambium Networks
    • Ceannate Corp
    • Continental
    • Direct Selling Association (DSA)
    • GO2 Partners
    • Google
    • Heartland Alliance
    • Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty 
    • Jim Beam
    • KinderCare
    • LPL Financial
    • Motorola Mobility
    • Motorola Solutions
    • NewNet Communication Technologies
    • Nidec-Shimpo America
    • Nokia Networks 
    • Property Specialists, Inc.
    • Royal Power Solutions
    • SAC Wireless
    • Smalley Steel Ring
    • Twisted Pair Solutions
    • Velocity
    • Zebra Technologies Corporation
  • Anyone who makes a $15 donation to ConnectVETS.