Now that we are Andigo, you’ll notice we’re mixing things up a bit with the look and the feel of our brand. Some will love it, some will hate it and some…well…maybe on the fence. We would like to think that the savings and service you’ve received as a member are the reasons you stay, and not the name (although we really like the new name). We’re ‘all-in’ on serving you long into the future as an Andigo member.

Some important things you're probably wondering about...

Checks, routing number, automated payments, oh my!
Have MECU checks? Wondering about our routing and transit number? Hoping your automated payments from your MECU debit or credit card will still work? Rest assured, we’ve buttoned it all up so there is no service disruption for you. No need to change a thing here. Keep using those checks and go with ‘set it and forget it’ on the rest.

Mobile (Important update—read all about it)

Apple & Android Devices
To take advantage of some cool new features and fixes (touch ID and warp-speed credit card information), you’ll need to update your MECU app within the App Store or Google Play Store. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on the latest and greatest and still rocking the MECU app (which will continue to work just fine should you stick with it).

GREAT NEWS! We’ve increased our daily mobile deposit limit to $10,000 —that ought to do it, right?!

Apple Pay
Simply remove your MECU cards and re-enroll with the same information and viola — you’ll see the new card designs. Don’t stop reading yet…see the next section (Credit and Debit Cards) for important information

Credit Cards
The plastic you have may have our former name, but they work just as they always have. We will be issuing Andigo Visa credit cards to all current members in October (more information to come) that will be EMV enabled and allow you to sport our fancy new look (don’t worry, you’ll have the same card number — phew!).

Debit Cards
Debit cards will not be automatically reissued. As your card expires, you’ll receive an Andigo-branded debit card. The same is true of the HSA debit cards. Until then, continue using your cards as you do today. Or even more if you’re in a generous mood.