Merger FAQ

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How can I view my member and account numbers?

On and after October 10, log into your online/mobile banking account – your account numbers and any nicknames you have given them will appear in your list of accounts. All you need to do is click on any of your accounts and your new account number – along with your member number will appear.

Can I make ATM deposits

No. You will not be be able to deposit checks into Andigo ATM’s during the Upgrade Weekend.
Yes. You can deposit checks in Andigo’s shared branch network during the System Upgrade Weekend.
However, you will not have access to these deposited funds on/after Tuesday, October 10.

Will my credit cards change?

No. There will be NO IMPACT using your Andigo credit card during the System Upgrade Weekend and there is no need for you to order a new card after the Upgrade is complete.

Will direct deposits, transfers and payments happen as scheduled?

Yes.There will be NO IMPACT to any scheduled deposits, transfers or payments (including social security and other government checks) during the system upgrade weekend or after the upgrade is complete.

When establishing any new direct deposits, transfers or payments after the system upgrade, please use your new account number.

Will I access to eStatments & Tax Forms?

No. Unfortunately, access to your eStatements and tax forms will not be available during the System Upgrade Weekend. We recommend you obtain access to these documents prior to Friday, October 6 or wait until October 10.

Will the upgrade impact my online loan applications?

No. There will be no change in your ability to access your Andigo online loan applications during the System Upgrade Weekend.

Will my automated telephone banking be available?

No. Our automated telephone banking will not be be able to process any transactions with your Andigo account after 5:00 pm on Friday, October 6 until 8:00 am on Tuesday October 10.
For enhanced security – you will need to change your Andigo Phone Banking PIN number from your current 4-digit number to a new 6-digit number when you call on or after Tuesday, October 10. You will be guided along the PIN number change process via our new system.