Merger FAQs

When will this happen?

The merger officially occurred on  June 1, 2020, with full systems integration to take place throughout the latter part of 2020 and throughout 2021. More details about changes to accounts or servicing delays will be shared as that information becomes available.

How do I share feedback about the merger?

If you wish to submit comments about the merger to share with other members, you may submit them to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) at: or Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion (CURE), NCUA, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

The NCUA will post comments received from members on its website, along with the member’s name, subject to the limitations and requirements of its regulations.

Why is Andigo Credit Union merging with Consumers Credit Union?

Very simply, we want to bring members and employees the best value from their credit union while ensuring we continue to grow and thrive. Partnering with another large and successful credit union will significantly increase operating efficiencies so we have the resources to deliver much more to members – more branches, better products and services, and highly competitive rates – with the same dedication to high quality service we have always provided.

What is going to happen to my accounts/loans/applications?

For now, everything will continue to operate as it has. As we combine credit unions, we will be sure to send communications about any changes that might take place and the Merger page on the website will be kept updated with the most current details. You’ll still be able to open new accounts and apply for loans throughout this entire process.

Accounts at both credit unions will be merged at a future date that has yet to be determined but is forecasted to occur later in 2021. Until then, Andigo Credit Union members will continue to use their same checks, credit cards, debit card and mobile/online banking. 

What happens to my current Andigo checks?

Great news, your Andigo checks will still process as normal throughout the merger. You will not need to get new checks immediately, and any checks that are written and in limbo of being processed will still be able to be processed as normal even after the merger is complete.

Who is Consumers Credit Union?

Like us, Consumers Credit Union is doing very well today but is looking to expand in the best strategic way possible. Headquartered in Lake County, IL since 1930, serves more than 126,000 members. As one of the largest credit unions in Illinois, Consumers is dedicated to their members no matter where they move or how their lives change. Consumers commitment is to their members, no matter where life takes them. To learn more about Consumers’ products and services or for more information, visit Consumers Credit Union. Consumers offers over 10 convenient branch locations, today. The combined credit union will serve more than 163,000 members and be over $2.3 billion in assets.

Are both credit unions financially sound?

Both credit unions actively pursued this partnership and it is not an acquisition. This is not something either credit union had to do; we are each independently successful and well capitalized. We pursued this opportunity to bring members even more locations, better products and services, and highly competitive rates.

How will members benefit?

This merger provides the resources to continue to improve your banking experience through added branches, improved online and mobile technologies, new products and services, and highly competitive rates. This partnership means we can better anticipate and meet all of your financial needs with extraordinary service.

What’s happening to the name of my credit union?

As of June 1, 2020, Andigo now operates as a “Division of Consumers Credit Union” and will continue to for some time while our teams work to combine accounts and make decisions on product offerings, and much more. As the two credit unions become fully integrated, we will both operate as the new Consumers Credit Union going forward. 

We will also be refreshing the current Consumers Credit Union logo and brand to incorporate some of the great components that Andigo brings to the combined organization. We will send updates about this transition along the way so that you know what to expect.

Will Andigo branch locations remain open?

Yes. All current Andigo branches will remain open and available to the combined membership as part of the shared branch network.

Does this mean I can use any Consumers or Andigo office for banking?

Eventually Andigo Credit Union members will be able to visit any Consumers branch to conduct all transactions and apply for loans, accounts, etc. Until that date is announced, Andigo Credit Union members can only use Consumers' branches as a Shared Branch — which means teller-line transactions of deposits, withdrawals and loan payments.

Can Consumers members use the Andigo Credit Union Branch?

Eventually Consumers' members will be able to visit any Andigo Credit Union location  to conduct all transactions and apply for loans, accounts, etc. Until that date is announced, Consumers members can only use Andigo branch locations as a Shared Branch — which means teller-line transactions of deposits, withdrawals and loan payments.  

What will happen to the staff?

The same familiar employees will continue serving you. In fact, there will be improved benefits and career advancement opportunities for all of our credit union team members.

What will happen to the leadership of my credit union?

Sean Rathjen, Consumers Credit Union CEO is now the CEO. Mike Murphy, former CEO of Andigo Credit Union, is the President.

The new board will be comprised of 6 Andigo board members and 7 Consumers board members.

Will we still have Shared Branching and an expansive ATM network?

Both Andigo Credit Union and Consumers Credit Union participate in expansive ATM networks as well as shared branching. This means you can still have easy access to your funds no matter where life takes you. Plus, with our remote deposit and online account features, you can always do business with us!