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Wire Transfers

Does Andigo offer wire transfers?

Yes, you can send or receive money from other financial institutions that are capable handling wired funds across the nation or worldwide with us.

If you're sending funds, just hook us up with the receiving institution's wiring instructions. It's not one-size fits all. And just FYI — there's a fee for sending both domestic and international wire transfers.

If you're receiving funds to your account at Andigo, we accept incoming wires at no additional charge. How do you send a wire? Via online banking, at any Andigo branch or call us at 847.576.5199 or toll-free 877.270.6392.

How do I have a wire transfer sent to Andigo?

Provide the other financial institution with this information:
  • Wire to: Andigo ABA# 271984311
  • Final credit: (Your name) (Your checking account number)
  • Address: 1501 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 400W, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Incoming wires are free. Outgoing wires are offered at reasonable fees.

Please note that the wires received prior to the cut-off time (3pm CT) will be processed the same day and are not complete until your account has been charged. A confirmation email will be sent to you at the email address on file once processing is complete. 

What is Andigo's International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and when is it used?

We don't have an IBAN (International Bank Account Number). Instead, you can go ahead and use our routing / ABA number-271984311 for national or international wires.

Does Andigo have a SWIFT code for doing wire transfers?

Nope we don't. SWIFT codes are typically used for sending international wire transfers. You can use our ABA/routing number for wire transfers: 271984311.