Applying for a checking account online – easier than setting up your next date

Think of all the usual checking account bummers: tons of fees, high-balance requirements and “no, not that form, the other form, ma’am” service. Now close your eyes and let Andigo make them disappear. The fastest checking account setup in the (mid)west.

  • No monthly service fee  
  • Get paid a day early with Early Direct Deposit*
  • No minimum balance after initial deposit 
  • No withdrawal penalties or deposit restrictions
  • No per-check fees
  • Free Visa Debit Card

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Compare checking account interest rates

Cash to stash (or spend with reckless abandon)

Compare interest checking account APY (what you earn on a deposit over a year)

Financial InstitutionAPY
AndigoTo see APYs, enter your expected daily balance and select compare.
Bank of America

APY  Annual Percentage Yield (the yield you earn on a deposit over a year)

Competitor APYs are for Illinois only and are based on All rates are effective as of February 1, 2018.

*Early Direct Deposit early fund access depends upon your employer sending us a notification of the paycheck ahead of the scheduled deposit date. For this reason we cannot guarantee early deposits in all cases. But as long as your employer is able to get us the goods on time, you’re in the (early) money.