Drum roll please! Presenting the Andigo 2019 Scholarship Winners

posted: 05/10/2019

After countless hours of reviewing video submissions, we've selected our 2019 Andigo Scholarship winners! Not only did these five seniors totally excel in the academics department, but between juggling textbooks and after-school activities they were busy giving back to the community.

Take a peek at their video entries to learn why they're so great.

winner's video entries

Meet the recipients of this year's scholarship winners. Each of them will receive $2,500 to go towards undergraduate expenses so they can keep overachieving in college!

  • scholarship-winner-2019

    Chloe Myers

    College: Indiana University
    Major: Marketing
    - Seal of Biliteracy in English and Spanish
    - Quill and Scroll 2nd place in infographics
    - Published poems in two literary magazines, the Stevenson Wit and “My World” Literary Magazine by the Live Poets Society
    - 4th place journalism sectionals in infographic design
    - 3rd place state finisher in women’s saber fencing (2017, 2018)
    Dream job: Marketing Manager for Nonprofit Organization
    Favorite hobby: I like to write and design in Adobe Illustrator
    Spirit animal: Quokkas
    Thing you’re most excited for in college: I am excited about the freedom I will have and all the different people I will meet
    A fun fact: My family fosters dogs so currently we have three dogs and we also have three cats and a guinea pig
  • scholarship-winners-2019

    Elise Mulligan

    College: University of Missouri (Mizzou)
    Major: Journalism
    - Editor-in-Chief of The North Star student newspaper at Naperville North High School
    - Qualified for the Illinois High School Association state competition in review writing for journalism in 2017, 2018, and 2019
    - Commended Scholar in the 2018-2019 National Merit Scholarship Program
    - Honorable Mention in the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association for Team In-Depth in 2018 and Individual In-Depth in 2019
    - Recipient of The North Star Award at Naperville North for excellence in journalism
    Dream job: Investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune
    Favorite hobby: Attending concerts of my favorite music artists
    Spirit animal: Corgi
    Most excited for in college: Getting involved with the Catholic Center's student group
    Fun fact: My mom has very short and stumpy thumbs, my dad has long and skinny thumbs, and I got one of each that are two different sizes
  • scholarship-winner-2019

    Emily Namm

    Major: Undecided
    - 2nd place in Codes and Ciphers at Mu Alpha Theta nationals
    - 2nd place in Shortcuts at Mu Alpha Theta nationals
    - Innovation Award from Lighthouse of Broward
    - 1st place in school/3rd place in county Literary Fair for Short Story
    - 1st place cumulative achievement award in Precalculus at Mu Alpha Theta States
    Dream job: AI and AR developer
    Favorite hobby: Escape the room games
    Spirit animal: Skink
    Thing you’re most excited for in college? Independence
    Fun fact: I can imitate dolphin noises pretty well
  • scholarship-winner-2019

    Lauren Savage

    College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Major: Chemical Engineering
    - D1 Athlete Lightweight Rowing UW-Madison
    - 2nd place in Shortcuts at Mu Alpha Theta nationals
    - Swimming All Conference, All Sectional, and All State athlete
    - Swim Team Captain
    - Fremd Female Athlete of the Year
    - Outstanding Academic Achievement
    -All-Academic Senior Athlete Award
    -A Honor Roll (4 years)
    Dream job: A position in the food or the pharmaceutical industry.
    Favorite hobby: Swimming
    Spirit animal: Dolphin
    Thing you’re most excited for in college? It's the start of many new friendships and it represents a huge personal growth opportunity for me as a person, student and athlete
    Fun Fact: I once got a concussion from a garbage can lid when it flew open during an extremely windy day
  • scholarship-winner-2019

    Shreyah Prasad

    College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Major: Computer Science
    - Future Health Professionals Placed at State for 4 events and qualified for International Leadership Conference
    - National Merit Finalist
    - AP Scholar with Distinction
    - ISAC State Scholar
    Dream job: Physician
    Favorite hobby: Photography
    Spirit animal: Lion
    Thing you’re most excited for in college? Research
    Fun Fact: I’m a black belt in karate

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