Always in your corner: Soon on the corner of Meacham & Remington.

posted: 10/20/2016

Our goal is to go where you go — and a lot of you go up and down Meacham Road in Schaumburg quite a bit (or at least nearby). So starting in the summer of 2017, we’ll be opening a brand new full-service branch. You’ll be sure to see us, as we won’t look like the other flat-roofed, strip-mall places you see on Meacham Road. We’re hoping to add a little pop to the street.

In addition, you know the standard boring big-bank location with their big desks, piles of confusing forms and, if you’re lucky, a stale lollipop? Well, we’re not building a bank location that feels like a torturous errand every time you have to get a little cash. We’re building an Andigo spot that feels more Friday than Monday, more 2020 than 1980. 

Even with the fancy windows and iPads for your kids to play with while you check your balance, this Andigo branch has the stuff you’ve come to expect from us:

Drive-up ATM because you go to the gym, so you don’t need to get out of your car when banking
Drive-thru service for the mornings when you’ve snuck out in your pajamas and don’t want anyone to judge. 
Safe deposit boxes because keeping your great-grandmother’s brooch in a shoebox in the back of your closet isn’t the smartest plan
Quiet loan rep rooms because who wants to discuss mortgages and income and credit scores in the middle of a giant room with lots of other people listening in? 

Oh, and of course, we’ll still have lollipops, too. Promise.

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